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Over the last decade Syndrome has established and grown as a leading IT Infrastructure organisation along with our global coverage. With the proven track record for complex, end-to-end transformational projects we have helped our clients to become high performance businesses houses by empowering the IT Infrastructure to fulfil their business needs.

We have a unique way of addressing the customer needs – “ Yes, we do ! ” way. It is how we Listen – Understand – Act to deliver a value to our customers. This unique approach is displayed in our business ethics and core values because we don’t just focus on what we deliver but rather how we deliver. Our customers have experienced our approach through our team’s passion, style and energy everyday every hour.


Our Vision

“ To be a global company recognized for our customer’s accomplishments. ”

Our Mission

“ Excel ourselves with the latest technology trends and offer futuristic infrastructure solutions to our global customers to help them to translate their business goals into reality.”

Core Values

At Syndrome, our core values define our culture; they are our guiding principles and our fundamental beliefs. This promotes our visions as responsible Business House.

Integrity :

We are committed to create our trust through our action for our words with the sense of responsibility.

Respect :

We show regards and consideration foreveryone within the organisation, our vendors and stakeholders for their work and treat them fairly and with dignity and mutual respect.

Compliance :

We have stringent policies for following the guidelines and governing laws of our country in our business processes and activities.

Flexibility :

Our customer is our focus point; through our flexible approach in our services we help our customers to achieve their objectives.

Teamwork :

Collaborative working is an edge of our business which makes us more intelligent and efficient.

Current Affairs

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