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Manufacturing Big Data Management :

In manufacturing large volume of data is generated through various sources like suppliers, R&D, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Market research, Sales and Customers. This Big data if managed, analysed and used effectively at the right time then it can help organisation to achieve higher product quality and reach customer with lesser time and cost. This will also help organisation to bring in cost controls at different stages of the enterprise processes thereby increase the profitability and market share.

Benefits of Big Data Management in Manufacturing :
  • The generated data can be analysed using business analyst for better forecasting which will help to manage and control suppliers and inventory which will in turn reduce cost of inventory management. Better forecasting for the suppliers will help them to deliver the goods in time for the manufacturing processes.
  • Current R&D data and market research can work closely for the better product quality as per latest market trends and requirements. This will eventually give an edge over the competition.
  • The supply chain management data can help for managing the inventory and plan the manufacturing schedules as per the demands which will reduce the cost of warehouse management.
  • Data gathered from the customers will help to improve the quality and processes for better market share.

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