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In the past twenty five years there has been a new trend of Project Finance as a tool for economic growth and investment. Project finance helps projects by structuring the financing around the project’s own operating cash flow and assets. Thus the technique is able to alleviate investment risk and raise finance at a relatively low cost, to the benefit of investor. Though project finance has been in use for hundreds of years, but it has only recently received serious attention. IT Infrastructure projects are always seen the financial crunch due to various reasons, mainly as an expense division.


In today’s fast growing and competitive business environment, enterprises are using increasingly sophisticated and resource intensive business applications. IT manager put best of his efforts and skill sets to optimize the investment and have better performance. The datacentres built have variety of OS and Server architecture with mix of switching environment, the IT manager generally struggle with the management of these fragmented devices. The management tools used are generally have limited scope. Widespread use of virtualization technologies, that help to increase resource utilization and consolidate hardware resources in the datacentre, further increase the complexity in management. Many of the IT departments often lack the funding and resources to support IT infrastructure.


The days are leaving behind concepts, where company CFOs use to believe in having IT equipment as their assets and claim the depreciation benefit out of it. But today it is considered as a costly affair particularly for IT assets. There are multiple reasons why many organisations today are opting for the option of IT Infrastructure equipments Rentals. Reasons could be,

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